Overview of our 5 Days of Geo Madness

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THU 03/10 17:00-20:00

This year we will kick off on the brand new monument "House of Nature".  Ideal place to warm up for our five-day event and exchange your ticket for a goodie bag.

FRI 04/10 10:00-12:00

5 geo-crazy days cannot happen without also giving something back to our nature.  This year we are cleaning up our geo-playground near the Maatheide.  We provide a snack and drink...

FRI 04/10 19:30-23:30

You don't want to miss this nighttime spectacle.  Arrive on time so you can experience the nightly walk.  After a spectacular finale, we will experience a unique geo-concert together and solve live lab caches!

SAT 05/10 10:00-18:00

Lab caches, adventure challenges, international encounters and much more!  Our Mega Event offers something for everyone and together we will make it another great edition!

SAT 05/10 20:30-23:30

Just like in previous years, we will end our MEGA day in style in the Discovery Bay.  This adventurous, atmospheric environment is the ideal place for us to go crazy Geocaching style.

SUN 06/10 10:30-12:00

What could be more wonderful than taking a walk in nature on a Sunday morning and having a nice chat in the meantime?  During our Walk & Taste we can also enjoy some local specialties mmmmm

SUN 06/10 17:00-19:00

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to many visitors on Sunday evening, but we are not going to let that happen just like that.  We will meet  in a special place and provide a little surprise as well.

MON 07/10 07:30-08:30

Traditionally we conclude our 5 Days of Geo Madness on Monday at sunrise.  Just hang on for a little while and enjoy the surroundings and from then on it's back to the countdown to KGB4....